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Why Should Lodash be Your JavaScript Project's Go-To Library?

In almost every project we work on, we use extra tools to make things easier for users and developers alike. I've noticed that "Lodash" is a go-to for not just me but many others.

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Building Simple CRM with Vue: Getting Started with Project Setup

Unlocking the secrets of Frontend development with Vue goes beyond theory – it's about hands-on practice.

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Building Simple CRM with Vue: Designing and Setting Up a User-friendly Login Interface

Following our integration of a Sign-Up page and configuring the Firebase authentication module for our Simple CRM, we forge ahead in today's article by seamlessly incorporating a user-friendly Login interface.


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Nuxt js: How to Add and Configure Quill Editor

Welcome to my guide on integrating and customizing the Quill editor in your Nuxt.js applications!

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Nuxt 3 build configuration. Generate dynamic routes and sitemap in SSR

Why do I favor Nuxt.js? Simple: its versatile building modes, especially SSR (Server-Side Rendering).

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Vue.js: Prepare Images for Upload with Compressor.js

In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of image uploading and compression using Vue 3.

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